ELITE Coaching Program Package

Our Elite Coaching Program is our premier package, ideal for Senior Leaders to Executive level clients.  You will experience every step of our proven transition process to the fullest.  This package includes:


  • 8 Coaching Sessions.

  • Duration: 1-hour each session. biweekly

  • 120 days of comprehensive, collaborative and co-creative LEADERSHIP career transition support

  • Unlimited email and text coaching support as required during timeline of the program.

Outline of your program.  Customization will occur in session.

Self Re-Discovery:

  • Personalized guidance based on your questions, insights, stories, background and experience.

  • Complete 3 online assessments: Career, Leadership and Personality related.

  • Review assessments to identify all synergies and career possibilities.

  • Core Values assessment and alignment (exclusive to Elite)


Set Career Transition Goals:

  • Customized exercises to complete SWOT analysis and set personal & career goals.

  • Set up goal check points to throughout the timeline to ensure we remain on track.

  • Intervene and support on obstacles

  • Identify and manage weaknesses/opportunities

  • Coaching to help you create a working plan that is in alignment with your authentic self and monitor process within the timeline.


Research & Align

  • Research the current marketplace to identify current postings through a series of exercises.

  • Align you and your experience with the market to teach you how to communicate in that language and execute effectively. 


Build towards your Goals:

  • Using sourc3dCAREERS' signature process called 10 Page Resume®, you will build your personal collection of career information while aligning to the market.  

  • Collaborate in building your career story and brand effectively and easily using this proprietary process.

  • Practice and perfect the communication style of successful resumes and how they link to your interview success.

  • Identify your core experience to share on Social Media and initial custom resumes. (exclusive to Elite)

  • Create job search strategy. (exclusive to Elite)


Social Media Sweep:

  • Fully align LinkedIn profile to your updated Career Story.

  • Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to help tell your story and make yourself visible to employers. Complete profile update.

  • Complete online brand and social media review and clean up. (exclusive to Elite)


Market and Communicate:

  • Guiding the custom resume creation process from your 10 Page Resume®.

  • Networking 101.  How to leverage your connections and groups to identify not-posted opportunities.

  • How to build effective cover-letters using the information from 10 Page Resume®.

  • Coach on how to translate your new custom resumes in the interview, networking session and meetings.