ESSENTIAL Coaching Program Package

Our Essential Coaching Program is our foundational package, ideal for non-management or clients new in career.  You will experience every step of our proven transition process, it's just a little shorter so we will not be able drill down as deep.  This package includes:


  • 3 Coaching Sessions.

  • Duration: 1-hour each session, biweekly

  • 45 days of comprehensive, collaborative and co-creative career transition support

  • Unlimited email and text coaching support as required during timeline of the program.

Program Outline

(Customization will occur in session)

Self Re-Discovery:

  • Personalized guidance based on your questions, insights, stories, background and experience.

  • Complete 1 (one) online personality/career related assessment.

  • Review assessment.  Identify all all possibilities.


Set Career [Transition] Goals:

  • Customized exercises to complete SWOT analysis and set personal & career goals.

  • Set up goal checkpoints throughout the timeline to ensure we remain on track.

  • Intervene and support on obstacles outlined.

  • Identify and manage weaknesses/opportunities.


Research & Align

  • Research the current marketplace to identify current postings through a series of exercises.


Build towards your Goals:

  • Using sourc3dCAREERS' Signature process called 10 Page Resume®, you will build your personal collection of career information while aligning to the market. 

  • Begin to build career story and brand effectively and easily using proprietary process.

  • Begin to practice the communication style of successful resumes.


Social Media Sweep:

  • Fully align LinkedIn profile to your updated career story.

  • Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to help tell your story and make yourself visible to employers.


Market and Communicate:

  • Guide the custom resume creation process from your 10 Page Resume®.

  • Coach on how to translate your new custom resumes in the interview, networking session and meetings.

  • Share networking tips and other coaching as required.