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How does your career coaching help me?

If you are someone who is struggling, stuck or interested in discovering all of your career possibilities, sourc3dCAREERS could be the right solution for you.  We start with knowing more about you and your current career story.  (click here to see our complete Elite process).  Our process is transformational, focussing on you the entire way through.  We begin with a FREE 30-minute Career Transition Assessment session to provide you will some tools.  If you decided to work with us, we establish the need for a coach and for the coach to confirm they are able to support the client in their goals.  From there, there are 3 packages to choose from all with different timelines.  

Will this service write my resume for me?

No. This is not a resume-writing service.  We don't believe that telling your career story for you will help you throughout your career transition journey.  This coaching with help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to effectively write your own “career story” and learn how to effectively articulate it.

I just need someone to clean up my resume, can you help?

sourc3dCAREERS will definitely provide feedback on your resume as part of the service but that is only part of the career transition process.  When we discuss your current situation, goals and obstacles, we can certainly assess the kind of program that is most suitable for you.

What are the benefits of having a career coach?

A coach can provide the support, guidance, structure, accountability, focus, you need to build the confidence and personal brand that will help you achieve your career goals.  We use a combination of proven industry assessments, tools and exercises to help propel you forward.

How much does a career coach cost per hour?

Different career coaches charge in different ways and one of them is per hour.  Our fees are based on  program packages.  We believe that participating in a custom program designed to help you reach your individual goals will be the best investment for each client.  sourc3dCAREERS offers several packages with pay in full, installment and subscription based options.  We do not charge by the hour for career coaching service.  Book a session by clicking here to learn more about our packages and their cost.

Does a career coach help you find a new job?

A career coach provides you the tools to achieve your career goal. A career coach uses a variety of tools, exercises, and activities to help you identify your career goals and, critically and take action toward achieving them.  We can help you take action toward achieving a meaningful career move over all.  Based on timeline of the package you choose, you may not land in your new job.

Why do I need to complete an application for Full Coaching Services?

Full Coaching Services are an investment and the coaching that occurs in the sessions require a long term committement.  The application allows Teresa to review the entent of support the applicant requires matched the coaching program applied for.