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It's Mommy's time to get back to her career.

“Mother…she never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along.” Margaret Culkin Banning.

I remember the day I returned to work after maternity leave. Our Canadian matleave back then was just bumped to 1 year and I was ready to jump sooner for sure. I love my kid, more than life itself, but I craved, needed adult interaction and conversation! Rest assure, I was not going back to work for just anything.

You see, when we become mama’s, being around your baby is an involuntary need and for us to separate ourselves from that duty, from our child...boy it better be worth my time and energy. I truly believe, it is on matleave that we do the most reflection about our careers and assess whether going back to the career or job we had before is truly “worth it”.

And so arrive the transition dilemma. How do I make a change to something worth leaving my kid for? Here is my list for getting mommy back to work she loves so the guilt of leaving baby is maybe a little worth it. (I know I am so dramatic about this one, right?).

1. Take some quiet time to reflect on your experience and what are your next possible moves. While baby is napping, dust off that old resume and start making your lists- where you have been and where you want to go.

2. Now what is going to help you get there? What are those skills, behaviours and capabilities you bring with you?

3. Check out some roles on Indeed or LInkedin that fit your future job/career. What are the job postings telling you about how you can showcase your experience better?

4. Other than salary, what are some of the deal breaking perks you are now looking for? Flex schedule, work from home, part-time work? Now list the nice to haves.

5. Reflect on your key accomplishments and ways to articulate them demonstrating how you accomplished them. Think made, saved, achieved.

This exercise will help you get refamiliarized with you. Let’s face it, you’ve had baby on the brain for months, right? Baby will never be out of mind but maybe, giving yourself some time to reflect on what is important for your career post-baby will start the process of being a working mom who loves her career. But never as much as baby <3

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